RECIPE #5 : My favorite Picnic loaf :


I am loving going out for a picnic with my friends or family during the summer ! However I am never up for eating a basic ham sandwich which is let’s be honest quite boring ! That’s why I love to prepare some savory loafs ahead to have a very nice dish that is easy to carry and to share among my friends !

Just before sharing with you the recipe I wanted to let you know that I created a Twitter account ! I don’t have a lot a people to follow so feel free to follow me so I can follow you back !

Let’s start with the recipe :

 Ingredients :
- 150 grams of flour
- 3 eggs
- 1 pack of baking powder
- 125 ml of milk
- 40 ml of oil
- 2 apples or prunes it's up to your tastes
- 100 g of small bacon dices
- 100 g of grated cheese
Steps :
- In a bowl mix the dry ingredients together
- Add the eggs, the milk and the oil
- You can then add the fruits
- Add the cheese
- Poor the batter into a loaf mold
- Put in the oven at 180C° for 40 minutes

It is that easy ! I love to eat it when it is still hot because it feels like the best confort food ever but even cold this is very nice !

What is your favorite food for a picnic ? Do you have a favorite picnic spot ?

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