Lifestyle #2 : my favorite ways to keep memories :


I hope you are spending a very good weekend ! The weather in France is absolutely gorgeous and I am currently spending the weekend reading in the sun !

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I have been watching to my old stories on Instagram lately and I was looking as all the books I marked as read on Goodreads so far and it made me think of so much good moments ! That’s why I have decided to try to keep more memories and here are my top tips to do so :

  • Make a photos album : I already mentioned that I am making photos albums with my boyfriend so you can look back and remind all the best moment we have spent together ! I would say don’t keep albums for travel photos but create some with all the pictures you like and make you happy ! I love to look at cute pictures even if they were taken on an impromptu date or on a walk near where we live !
  • Take some pictures : This summer I really want to get a disposable camera and make photos all summer long and have the surprise of what I would have taken at the end of the summer ! I love the concept of a disposable camera and if you love the idea of taking the picture only once and you don’t want to put money toward a Polaroid it could be a great idea for you !
  • Have your memory notebook : I decided to have a notebook where I would write my thoughts on books and movies I liked ! I love to see my old Goodreads reviews and for me a book make me think about so much memories of where I read it what was happening in my life at this moment… I think you can write down your best memories in a book so you can look back to it in a few years !
  • Take holiday notes : I do take notes when I am traveling I know it sounds weird … I take note on what we ate what you enjoyed the most, what we were surprised by… And I love looking back at those little notes which are way too funny
  • Film mini clips : As I mentioned I love watching my Instagram stories back ! I think taking little clips of your summer is one of the best way to keep memories because videos feel so much more « alive » than photos !

How do you keep your memories ?

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12 réflexions sur “Lifestyle #2 : my favorite ways to keep memories :

  1. BeingIsabella dit :

    J’avais l’habitude de tenir un journal que j’écrirais presque tous les jours. Je l’ai apporté partout et j’ai tellement de souvenirs de quand j’étais plus jeune et de mes voyages. Cependant, ces jours-ci, je n’ai pas autant de temps et écrire dans un journal n’est plus pratique pour moi. Donc, j’aime prendre des photos et des clips vidéo pour capturer le moment. C’est presque mieux parce que tu veux vraiment revivre le moment et voir à quoi ça ressemble. Le seul inconvénient est que vous ne voyez pas ce que vous ressentez et ce que vous pensez à l’intérieur. Je te souhaite une bonne semaine à venir!

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