Beauty #5 : Vichy Tan Enhancing Solar Protective Water :


How are you doing ? As you may now from my previous post I am done with Uni (for this year at least) since last week ! In France we are currently having a very strong heat wave which is making me very happy because I can finally enjoy the sunshine !

I have spent all weekend at the beach and I have been trying out my new suncream, which this year is not a cream but a water !

I have bought the Vichy Tan Enhancing Solar Protective Water, after reading quite a lot of reviews on blogs ! I didn’t believe that a sunscreen could be under the water form so I was very intrigued ! Plus this product has a SPF 30 and it promesses to enhance your tan and this too me sounds like the best combo ever !


I tried this product out this weekend and no spoiler it was super effective ! We spent both days at the beach even if it was very sunny and hot and we didn’t burn at all !

I really like the fact that the product feels like water and penetrate the skin so quickly and easily ! You have to shake the product it looks like so makeup removers it is very nice to use !

The smell is very nice as well, for me it is a very good point because otherwise I would never reapply some !

The most surprising it that this product really helped me to tan ! I have been to the beach but without sunbathing too too hard and I am as tan as I am when I spend a week on holidays ! I am basically so impressed !

What are your favorite products for this summer ? Have you any plans already ?

Since I am working in July I will have more time to spend on my blog so I am hoping to do more fashion posts ! Let me know if there are any posts you would like to see on the blog ! In august I am going to Sicily I can’t wait ! I would love to read about your recommendations about traveling to Sicily so feel free to let me a comment !

As you may know from my previous post, My Summer Reading Wishlist, I have created a Goodread account where you can follow me if you want to know what I am currently reading ! You can also leave me the links of yours accounts so I can follow you back ! I love to see what other people are currently reading !

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Photo by Syd Sujuaan on Unsplash


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