My summer reading list 2018 :


It has been a long time since I last posted on the blog, I have been very busy with my Uni work but now I am back and ready to share with you my list of books to read for this summer. I hope it will maybe help some of you who are lacking a bit of inspiration to pick your summer books.

I am writing down the title of books I have been recommended or I really want to read, now my list is very long so I picked a few that I plan to read over the summer.

  • The Autobiography of My Mother by Jamaica Kincaid
    I read so many good things about this book that I thought it was the perfect way to learn more this summer. I read it was a story of women and it is what I like to read and I want to learn more about women conditions at any historical period.
  • Everything I know about love by Dolly Alderton
    This is my in-book of the summer ! I don’t tend to buy the trendiest book but this one was all over Instagram and sounds very funny. This is the book I plan to read when I will be abroad at the beach.
  • Les enfants de Venise Luca Di Fulvio
    Luca Di Fulvio must be one of my favorite author, I read his novel, The boy who granted dreams last summer and it was basically brillant ! One of the best book I have ever read ! I couldn’t find the title of this book in english but I would recommend this author if you want a novel to grab you and make you feel so involve in a story !
  • Promise at Dawn by  Romain Gary
    It is the story of the relationship between a mom and his son, she wants to raise him to be a great man and we follow then both in this projet. This is a classic novel and I love to read at least one during the summer.
  • Father struck it rich by Evalyn Walsh McLean
    I think this book was recommended by Vanity Fair and usually I love their recommendations ! It is the story of the daughter of a very rich man, she led a life of extravaganzas, filled with diamonds and gold ! I think it is an autobiographie so it sounds so perfect for me !
  • Call me by your name by André Aciman
    I want to read this book since I watched and loved the movie. I love how slow pace and powerful this movie was at the same time. I am sure the book will be the perfect love story for my summer.

As you can see you can get ready for a lot of book reviews on the blog !

This list is just a starting point, I am sure I will read more book over the summer.

I have created a Goodread account where you can follow me if you want to know what I am currently reading ! You can also leave me the links of yours accounts so I can follow you !

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