RECIPE #4 : The Almond Cake :


Today I decided to share with you my new favorite recipe ! My recipe posts which you can find here seem to be your favorite post to read ! Feel free to let me know if you would be interested to see a recipe in particular !

I love this cake because it is so light and perfect for summer and also because it is such a great base and you can change toppings to make it to your tastes !

I have always love almonds and I always have almond powder in my cupboard if I want to make a pie or a crumble !

Last Sunday I ran out of flour so I decided to create a recipe of a cake without any ! So you might find this recipe perfect for you if you are on a gluten free diet !

This cake can also be the perfect one for a picnic dessert because it is such a soft one and easy to cut because there is not flour in it !

Ingredients : 
4 eggs
1 pack of baking powder
80 g of sugar (you can use vanilla sugar if you want to)
30 ml of oil 
200 g of almond powder
Chocolate, nuts, fruits... anything to make it to your taste ! 
Steps : 
1- Mix the eggs with the sugar
2- Add the baking powder and the oil
3- Then pour the almond powder and your toppings I used chocolate and pear and it was very nice 
4- Put in the oven for 25 minutes at 200 C°

This recipe has a very strong almond taste you can feel the almond like if you were eating one ! I love this but you can reduce the almond powder and replace with a bit of flour if you are not an almond fan !

This recipe can easily be turn into a gluten free one or vegan if you remplace the eggs by 8 teaspoons of greek yogourt.

Please let me know if you make this recipe and feel free to send me a picture of your cake !

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