Scotland #3 : The Isle of Skye :


As many of you seem to enjoy my little travel series about Scotland I decided to share with you my weekend in the Isle of Skye. You can find the other posts about Scotland here.

As you may know if you read my first posts I have studied abroad in Scotland for a semester. If you are interested in reading more about this experience feel free to let me know in the comments !

With a group of friends we decided to rent a car and to travel to the Isle of Skye for a weekend, we rented a car to do so. As you may already know if you read my last post about meeting reindeers in the middle of the highland I recommend to rent a sat nav if you are going to the Highlands or to the Isle of Skye there were places were internet was not working and we have to use a paper map !

We rented a room in a youth hostel in the north of the island which was so cool because there were no one around it and we really could spend good time. The landscape were amazing.


We stayed at the Dun Flodigarry Hostel and it was nice we could use the kitchen which was very convenient. We went in September and it was quite affordable we love the experience of being quite away from the world because we were quite far from any city !

On our road trip to go there we were lucky enough to see Highland cows. I really wanted to see some while I was in Scotland because they look so pretty and are so iconic of this area !


On our first day we went to the Dunvegan castle and we learn so much about the history of the Isle of Skye and the important families over there ! You can visit as well the Eilean Donan castle which is just out of the isle ! I think the Dunvegan one is prettier but we learn so much in the Eilean Donan one about the Scottish history it was so interesting !

There are a lot of castle in Scotland so you can find one you will be so interested in to visit !

On the second day we went to the Claigan Coral beach and it was amazing we thought we were in the Caribbean ! We park the car at the little parking and then walk to the beach ! It was very muddy because it has rained so much. If you are going to the isle of Skye I would recommend to bring a rain jacket and waterproof shoes ! We went in early September and it even has a hail storm !


Our next stop was the Old Man of Storr, which is such a magical place ! It was all misty so we all felt like we were in a Harry Potter movie ! You can hike the hill on it gets even more magical when you hike a bit !


We then went to the fairy pools it was nice however I don’t have any pictures to share with you because it was raining so much that I wasn’t able to take any picture.

We also went to Portree but I don’t have any pictures neither.

We finished our trip at the Kilt Rock falls and it was so amazing ! We could feel the attraction of the water it was crazy !


I have had such a great weekend on the Isle of Skye !

Have you ever been to the Isle of Skye ? Where are you going this summer ?

Let me know if you would be interested in posts about studying abroad !

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