Book Review #6 : The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton :


Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton, I read this book because it was part of the Sunbeamsjess bookclub.

I love the idea of being part of a bookclub and to be able to talk with people about a book !

I am glad I decided to join the club because otherwise I wouldn’t have discovered this novel ! Eleanor Catton was shortlisted and won multiple prices for this book but to be honest I would have been quite afraid because I didn’t read a book this long for years !

The novel is starting in a bar in New Zealand in 1866, Walter Moody, a young man who came from the UK hoping to find fortune in the gold rush, met a group of men discussing the last news of Hokitika. They are talking about a prostitute who attempted to commit suicide, a rich man who has disappeared and about some gold found in the house of a drunkard.

They all tell Walter Moody their sides of the case and we soon realized they are all involved in it in some ways.

To me this book is a real can of worms and the author brilliantly kept the truth secret until the end. I think this book is a real master piece I couldn’t see the revelations coming.

However I really couldn’t say I enjoyed the first half of this book, it was very slow and very descriptive. Each man is telling his story and you have to read quite a lot before being able to crosscheck informations.

I don’t know if I found the first half of the book quite boring because I read it in multiple times, I have been quite busy with Uni lately. However even if I would have read this book in one go I would have thought that the first part was a bit too long.

The novel didn’t grab me until page 500 approximately, from their to the end of the book I was 100% into the book and I loved it ! I was totally grab in the history and I was always feeling like I was so close to find finally the truth !

I love the fact that you couldn’t guess the end of this book.

There are a lot of astrology elements into this book and to be honest I didn’t really paid much attention to them because I didn’t think they were improving the book. I think it is a bit weird to find those elements in it !

Overall I would recommend reading this book if you have some time because it is quite long. I consider this book like a great masterpiece even if the beginning is not as enjoyable as I have hoped it would be.

I would love to be able to see this story tell in a movie, I think a movie could be more enjoyable and the story is amazing.

Have you ever read this book ? Do you have any book recommendations to share ?

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