Recipe #3 : Strawberry Pie :


As you may have seen in my Instagram Stories I have made this pie a week ago ! It was actually mother day in France and I wanted to make my mum favorite dessert !

I have been very impressed with how well this pie turned out ! We all loved it the strawberries were delicious !

I have loved it so much that I decided to share the recipe with you !

I haven’t made the pastry dough myself because I was very short on time I went the morning to the farm market to get the strawberries because I wanted to have them as fresh as possible ! But if you want to prepare it yourself any pastry dough will be perfect !

I have made a « Crème pâtissière » which is a deliciously vanilla cream that we have very often in the french cake ! I think it is called pastry cream in english according to Google Translate !

Now here is the recipe :

Ingredients : 
- 25 cl of Milk 
- 1 egg 
- 30 g of flour 
- 3 packs of Vanilla sugar (21g in total)
- 20 g of sugar
- 500 g of strawberry 

Steps : 

1- Cook the pastry dough for 25 minutes at 180C°

-> While the pastry is cooking let's prepare the cream 

2- Boil the milk with 7 g of Vanilla sugar 
3- In an other pot mix the egg with the rest of the Vanilla sugar and the regular sugar 
4- Add the flour 
5- Poor the boiling milk on the preparation
6- Let the preparation boil and let it cool for 2 minutes 
7- Poor the cream on the pastry and add the strawberries

Please let me know if you are giving a go to this recipe ! You can male this cream for any fruity pie ! I would also love to see pictures of your cake !

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