Scotland #2 : The Highlands and meeting reindeers :


If you are following my little travel series you probably know that I spend a semester studying abroad in Scotland. I had the best time over there that’s why I decided to share with you my top recommendations in this series. I have already posted my perfect day-trip to discover the iconic Scottish landscapes here.

If you are currently planning you holidays you can also check my travel series about the gorgeous Mallorca.

One thing I loved about Scotland is that it is not too touristy (yet) and you can really discover it without too much tourists.

If you are going to Scotland you will probably want to spend time in the Highlands, my first recommendation would be to rent a car to easily access to any area you are interested in. However be careful I once ended up in the middle of the Highlands with no more service on my phone ! Renting a stat nav can be useful.


I went in the Highlands multiple time and I have always been very impressed by the natural and untouched beauty of this area ! We went a first went we drive across Scotland to go on the isle of Skye (it will be my next post) and once when we went to the Loch Ness and to visit reindeers.

You might be quite surprise but I can 100% meet reindeers in Scotland, the Scottish highlands are like there natural habitats and they have been there for years now ! We went to the Cairngorm Reindeer Center which is a bit more than an hour drive from the Loch Ness.

In this center the reindeers leave in a complete freedom and they are coming to you for food ! They are very nice animal and you are able to feed them and to take pictures with them.

We went in early November and it started snowing when we were there it was such a magical moment ! It is recommended to arrive a bit early than the beginning of the tour so you can get ready ! They offer to rent you a pair of wellies which I highly recommend you to do so or to come with your own if you are coming in winter.

Once you are ready everyone take his or her car and go to a parking higher in the mountains. Once the group is all at the parking we can start to walk to the area where the reindeers are. The walk in the mountains is lovely and it is not a real climb, children were here too.


When you arrive at the area where the reindeers are your guide will tell you the security rules and then you will be able to get near the reindeers. You can feed them and they are really not afraid by you just happy to see food ! After an hour you will go back to your car with plenty of amazing memories !

I would recommend this activity to anyone, the guide were all so nice ! My recommendations would be to go in the winter around Christmas time it might be perfect especially with children ! The landscape is so pretty when it is snowing ! However it can get really cold, much more than in Glasgow or Edinburgh ! I would advise you to get a very good pair of socks and a big coat ! When I was in the mountains I  wished I had my ski outfit with me !

We then went to the Loch Ness which was quite disappointing, it is basically a lac ! There is nothing special. We stop at the little museum, I didn’t visited it but a friend of mine did and she thought it was nice but nothing special.


If you are in the Highlands stopping at the Loch Ness if you are near by is a great idea since it is a nice place but as any lac in Scotland !

Have you ever visited Scotland ? Do you plan to go on holidays this summer ?

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