Beauty #3 : My two favorite bronzers :


The weather has started to be very nice over here and it starts to feel like summer is coming soon ! I can’t wait to plan my summer holidays but in the mean time I am going to the sea nearly every weekends.

When the sun is shining I always want to feel a bit tan ! As you may know from my last beauty post about my Clarins Tanning Drops I love a tan on my face !

I have always loved bronzer since I started to wear makeup and for me it is quite an exiting product because I wear a very natural makeup ! I currently have two favorite bronzers that I want to share with you !

  • L’Oréal Glam Bronze Cushion de Soleil : Do you remember the big trend around the cushion products last year ? I am pretty late to the game but I love this product because it is creamy so it gives a nice glow to my skin ! It comes with a little applicator which I use to deep in the cushion and apply to my face then I blend it with a brush ! I love that it looks really natural and it gives a very healthy look to your skin.
    I love how it is easy to blend and quick to use, I don’t like to spend to much time applying makeup in the morning so I like efficiency ! My only critic is the packaging, I don’t mind it much but I think it looks very cheap ! It looks a bit like children makeup but it is very nice if you travel because it is light and resistant.
  • Rimmel Natural Bronzer : I don’t wear any matifying powder but I have always been recommended the Rimmel one, so when I wanted a new powder bronzers I decided to give a go to this one ! I love that this product is matte because you can contour with it if you want to ! I feel like some powder bronzers are a bit orangey but this one not at all ! I really like the smell of it !  I love that it is easily blend-able and that it stays on all day !
    Once again I am not a huge fan of the packaging but both of those products are from the high street so I don’t mind to much !

I usually wear one of those products but sometime I wear them both I use the L’oréal one to give a nice and healthy glow to my skin and the Rimmel one to contour !

What is your favorite makeup item ? Let me know if you would like to see more beauty posts on the blog 😉
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Photo by Joey Pilgrim on Unsplash


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