Fashion #1 : My favorite spring jackets :


Today I wanted to share with you my current favorite jackets. I love styling my outfit with a nice jacket because I feel it is what people see the most from your outfit so the nicest they are the best it is !

I have three jackets to show you today one is way lighter than the two other but I like it for hotter day or to layer !


  • Zapa leather jacket : I bought a Zapa jacket during the winter sale, I wanted a leather jacket for so long I love that they are so versatile and easy to style and to throw on on a daily basis. I am not much in favor of fast fashion I wanted to buy one good jacket and to keep it for a  long time. I go it in dark grey and I so happy with it ! I think it fits better with my style ! This jacket is so confortable and give a very cool vibe to any outfits.


  • Kookai floral jacket : I got this jacket last summer during the sales ( a lot of sales shopping, I know … 😉 ). I love love love this jacket because it is so light and it goes with every outfits ! I wore it all summer long during the evenings when it got a little  chilly and then I layer it with a coat during the winter ! It must be my most worn piece of clothing of the year ! I love the teddy shape of it that is perfect in nearly every occasions ! I style it over a tee shirt in summer, a fine sweater in winter and a white shirt in spring and fall !

I hope you enjoy my first proper fashion post ! Let me know if you would like to see more post like this one or fashion post for special occasions !

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Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash


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