Scotland #1 : The East Coast :


As you may know from my previous post I studied abroad in Scotland. I loved it it was such a great experience I met wonderful people and I learn so much about myself as a person and academically. I think studying abroad is really an experience that helps you to grow !

Please let me know if you would be interested in reading a few posts about my experience studying abroad especially in Scotland.

I was staying in Dundee and studying at Abertay University. Dundee is a town in the north of Edinburg near the coast. I was lucky enough that  I have been able to visit Scotland quite a lot during the semester I spent over there.

As you seemed to have enjoyed my travel series about my trip to Mallorca, I decided to share with you my highlights from Scotland. If you are going to Scotland this summer feel free to ask questions in the comments !

Today I want to share with you an easy day trip if you are going to Edinburg this summer. I thought it would be the n°1 destination for people going to Scotland that why I decided to share with you an easy program for a day out in the beautiful Scottish countryside.

To go to both of those destinations you can go by bus or train the service in Scotland is very efficient.

First stop : Abroath Cliffs : 

The pink cliffs of Abroath are gorgeous it is a perfect walk to start the day and a perfect picnic spot ! You can have a lovely time walking over the sea, the view is incredible ! I have been there twice and it was always sunny which makes the place even prettier ! I would 100% recommend to stop there you will have a lovely time jumping from rock to rock.

Second stop : Dunnottar Castle :

Can you see this Game of Thrones Vibes ? It is Dunnottar Castle it is an old castle on the east coast of Scotland north from Abroath !

The castle itself is not what I would recommend the most, you can visit it but I didn’t because it is in ruin to be honest ! I still love the GOT vibe to it !

What I would recommend is to take the bus or the train to Stonehaven which is a little further away and the walk between there and the castle is breath taking ! You can see a lot of the Scottish scenery with the sea the land it is gorgeous !

At Dunnottar castle there is a little foodtruck selling ice creams and fish and chips, a must after this nice walk !

You can also grab your meal at Stonehaven I lunched with my boyfriend near the harbor the weather was glorious and the people from the pub very nice !

I hope you will enjoy this post ! Where do you plan to travel to this summer ?

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    • thefrenchiestblog dit :

      Thank you so much Chloé ! I have loved the Isle of Skye, such an amazing place ! I thought I would start with the East coast because it is lesser known than the west coast and if people are spending a weekend in Edinburgh it is easier to reach !


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