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As you may know from my last blogpost I bought a Maje M handbag on Vestiaire Collective lately. As you seemed to be really interested in my last bag review I decided to dedicate a full post about this bag. You can read more about my experience buying preloved on Vestiaire Collective here.
I love the Maje brand for a few years now and it has always been the kind of brand I was planning to buy when I would have a job. However I kept seeing girls with a Maje M handbag in the streets and I was always thinking that this bag was the perfect inbetween chic and fun. I decided to track it down on Vestiaire Collective and buy it preloved to be able to afford it. If you are a bit curious here is the link of the exact bag I bought.




When I first saw those bags I immediately knew I wanted to get mine in a bright and summery color. I am not a huge fan of dark leather ones because I feel the overall look of the bag is quite boho and fun so having it in a kind of strict and serious fabric was not my style at all.

I settle on the pink shade for that bag because I usually wear very neutral and plain outfits so for me it is really easy to make it works with my wardrobe.

When I first saw it I was afraid that the tassels would look to much relax with my style, I wear quite a lot my trench coat and I didn’t want to look weird together. It turns out that the combination works very nicely together. I could wear this bag to go to work without any problem.

I thought the tassels would look good only in festivals but it is not the case at all. Since I got this bag I can’t stop wearing it on a everyday basis with a leather jacket or my trench coat and a shirt it looks lovely and I am sure this summer with denim shorts and little dresses it will be perfect as well.

I think this bag looks as nice because the quality is quite good as well. I always find tasselly bags looking very cheap if they are in a poor quality. I really think this bag worth the investment I will wear it all spring, summer and fall long and I am sure I will still be in love with it next year !

I love the size of it because I can fit my sunglasses and my book which I find very convenient but it is not too big so not heavy at all. By the way I have done a few book reviews lately if you want to check them you can click here.

What is your current favorite bag ? Have you ever bought a preloved bag ?

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Photo by Cédric Dhaenens on Unsplash


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