Recipe #2 : Sunday Pancakes :


As you may know from my first recipe post I love to have a brunch on weekends. As quite a lot of you seemed to really like my banana bread recipe I decided to share with you my perfect pancakes recipe.

Pancakes are really the perfect treats for breakfast, this recipe is perfect it makes really fluffy and delicious pancakes. I wouldn’t say that this recipe is healthy but we all need to treat ourselves sometimes !

To make delicious pancakes you will need :

  • - 200g of flour 
    - 75g of sugar 
    - 11 g of baking powder 
    - 200 ml of milk
    - 1 tablespoon of oil
    - 2 eggs 
    - Cinnamon, berries, chocolate... 
    1. Mix all the ingredients together, to do so I use a blender 
    2. In a heated pan cook your pancakes

As you can see this recipe is very very easy ! I always add cinnamon into the batter it gives a very delicious taste especially when I add some berries.

Let me know if you give a go to this recipe and if you would like to see more recipe on the blog !

What is your favorite brunch recipe ?

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