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For a few months I really wanted the Maje M handbag but I thought it was quite expensive for a bag that had a very relax look. Plus I was really into bright color so I didn’t want to put all that money toward a very summery bag.

I decided to go in a store to see the bag and I just loved it even more, that’s why I decided to bought it pre loved. This idea sounded perfectly right to me because I didn’t mind a few scraps if it was in an overall good condition and I really wanted that bag without wanting to put the money toward a new one.

I went to check those bags on Vestiaire Collective because they check the bag for you to be sure you are buying a real designer bag and they secure the paiements. I scroll all the Maje handbags for two months before finding my perfect one in pink.

If you want to see the bag click here is the link to it on Vestiaire Collective. 

I was very lucky to made a very low offer in price and it was accepted the bag was as you can see on the link in a very good condition and the tag was even there as well. I feel like I bought a brand new bag but for less than half of the normal price !

My top tip to buy on Vestiaire Collective would be to have an idea of what you want before going shopping and make offer on every handbags.

Once you have bought a handbag on Vestiaire Collective you cannot expect it to be delivered over the night. The vendor has to send it to Vestiaire Collective where your item will be check and them be send to you.

I got my handbag two weeks after I bought it !

Have you ever bought any pre loved handbags ? Would you be interested in a review of the bag ?

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