As you may know if you read my travel posts I have been on holidays to Mallorca last summer.

We landed in Palma de Mallorca, we spent two day in the city which was truly beautiful then we stayed a bit far away from the touristy madness in Puerto Pollensa the perfect starting point to discover all the mallorcan secret beaches.

On our last full day in Mallorca we decided to go to Soller on the West coast of Mallorca. Puerto Soller is famously known for the typical train with which you can go to Palma. We didn’t take a ride in it but we were able to see it.


Puerto Soller is a great place if you want to go for a swim, the beach was full of families. The harbor is full of nice boat and from there you can see the mountains the scenery is absolutely dreamy. The area arround Soller is famous for its oranges production so we had a few juices that were so good !


You can have a very nice walk there the streets are full of cool little shops and restaurants.

We then went into Soller, the city and it is a cute village but there is not much to see. However we find so cute and delicious lollipops which made our day.


I would 100% recommend to visit Puerto Soller however I think spending one or two days here is enough to see all the highlights of the place !

Where do you plan to go this summer ? Have you ever been to Mallorca ?

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